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2014 youth banquet

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on March 28, 2014 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

ATTN: The youth wrestling banquet will be April 6th 2:00 pm at the jr hi cafe.

Youth State Tournaments

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on March 28, 2014 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to our youth state qualifiers:


Aiden Castile

Adam Ryder

Colton Hensel


Adam Ryder- Placed 7th

Joe Viront

Landon Shirley

Aiden Castile


2013-2014 Allstar arrival times and pool #'s

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on November 28, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Please find your pool # below and then match it to the appropriate arrival time below.  On Sunday you should go to the Northwest High School gym and find the table with your pool # .  Good luck!

All-Star Pool Arrival Times for 2013-2014

Pools 24-36 @ 1:30PM

Pools 16-23 @ 2:00PM

Pools 08-15 @ 2:30PM

Pools 01-07 @ 3:00PM




All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Abner Noah 3

Adkins Lane 16

Ahlstrom Eddie 20

Alabakovski Bryce 7

Albrecht Evan 21

Alessandro Roman 8

Allen Kyle 20

Allison Donavan 31

Amstutz Logan 18

Angerstein Clayton 12

Armstrong Isaac 20

Ashcraft Michael 35

Austin Robert 11

Baer Braden 4

Baker Logan 19

Baker Hayden 24

Barbieri Riley 6

Barcheck Travis 33

Barrick Aiden 19

Bennett Matthew 29

Benninghuff Adrian 6

Black Carter 27

Blanda Anthony 21

Board Daryn 29

Bond Chase 24

Booth Carter 3

Booth Mason 6

Brink Joel 1

Brown Logan 26

Brubach Liam 9

Bucher Luke 5

Bumgardner Bailey 7

Burkhart Brycen 26

Burton Nathanael 16

Campbell Ty 35

Campisi Anthony 25

Caron Gavin 1

Castner Alex 28

Caudill Jeremy 3

Chainey Joey 2

Chapman Tucker 1

Cherry Jonathon 29

Collins Arabella 18

Collins Kalix 23

Cottrell Andrew 9

Crooks Brad 11

Davenport Nolan 20

Davis Chase 3

Dawson James 4

DeRoy Tyler 11

Diotale Christian 7

Domjan Paul 11

Donatelli Blaise 16

Dulcie Nathan 11

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All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Duncan Trenton 5

Dunn Colton 30

Eberhardt Nathan 7

Eberhardt Gunner 12

Els Ransom 3

Els Reid 4

Estrada Kolton 10

Evans Landen 26

Evans Mason 29

Fair Chis 16

Fair Cody 27

Falatok Landen 5

Falatok Drew 18

Fellouzis Brayden 27

Ferguson Rylee 35

Fields David 34

Fitch Colton 15

Fitch Cain 17

Fleet Jared

Flowers Josiah 31

Foster Carter 9

Frazee Mason 13

Frazee Hayden 33

Fye Alexander 6

Gabbard Ben 10

Galemmo Matt 24

Gardner Cameron 16

Gassar Corbin 2

Geckler Marshall 6

Gee Collin 5

Geffard Sebastian 9

Gessling Vincent 24

Gidcumb Brandon 15

Gidcumb Carson 20

Gnap Cole 4

Goins Connor 7

Good Luca 5

Gotschall Jacob 24

Grassler Nicholas 32

Greene Jacob 28

Grisez Tommy 1

Grisez Gabe 33

Hall Brandon 6

Hancock Ryan 25

Harmon Nick 21

Harris Jamie 14

Hassan Nick 32

Hathaway Zachary 3

Hathaway Andrew 10

Hayman Tristin 16

Hellstrom Alexander 4

Henline Devin

Henry Alex 34

Hensel Luke 2

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All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Hinkle Nathanael 13

Hodge Brennan 25

Hodges Joey 10

Hoffner Jonah 19

Hollabaugh Ethan 6

Holodnak Zachary 1

Hoobler Caden 17

Hoover Seth 8

Hull Braeden 22

Hunt Aiden 6

Hurley Madux 17

Johnson Taven 1

Johnson Ethan 3

Johnson Andrew 23

Jones Jake 29

Kandle Michael 18

Kerr Wyatt 12

Kilkenny Connor 31

King Brody 13

Kirk Anthony 35

Kiser Brandon

Klinger Elijah 22

Knipper Mason 28

Knouse Sam 17

Konen Carl 2

Lange Owen 7

Langenek Jacob 33

Lawrence James 2

Lawson Kaden 4

Lewis Jon 24

Lindsy Eric 23

Lockhart Gavin 15

Lones Mason 17

Lord-Fry Samuel 5

Loudiana Adam 14

Lowe Clayton 1

Lutz Wally 15

Makan Noah 7

Markus Christian 18

Martin Rylan 13

Martin Coby 16

Martin Jayden 25

Mashburn Alex 12

Mayle Logan 30

Mays Chloe 24

Mazzagatti Mariano 23

McCabe Lucas 11

McCaulley Seth 31

Mcclung Andrew 30

McCoy Anderson 13

McCracken Jake 7

McCracken Troy 21

McGeorge Logan 8

McGeorge Matthew 34

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All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Mckenzie Jacob 32

Mckimia David 10

Mckimie Myriah 28

Mercurio Michael 36

Metcalf Cole 7

Metz Austyn 34

Metz Madyson 35

Miller Dominic 18

Millin Mike 30

Minarchek Brenden 15

Mireles Jesus 31

Mitchell Chris 29

Monnard Jackson 27

Monucelli Caden 13

Moore Aiden 9

Morris Cater 36

Mounts Jackson 15

Moyer Jarred 5

Muller Ryan

Mundell Parker 14

Mundell Dominic 34

Muschkat Logan 9

Musleve Jonny 2

Musleve Joe 18

Nennig Bryce 28

Nickels Jordan 17

Ochsenfeld Ben 26

O'Neil Riley 15

Orolin Nathan 25

Orr Reuger 32

Ouimet Eric 13

Page Ryan 17

Partin Phil 2

Pedro Lucas 14

Peeples Xander 29

Phares Owen 12

Phillips Zainden 21

Phillips Zander 23

Pickenpaugh Kole 32

Pierce Benjamin 4

Plotner Riley 36

Plotts Cameron 8

Porrini Vincent 27

Prexta Joey 24

Prexta Alex 36

Price Ryan 23

Price Gage 24

Price Chase 35

Rathbun Micha 8

Rausch Aiden 1

Rausch Gavin 2

Reed Conner 14

Reed Cooper 17

Reed Shelby 30

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All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Reinhart Preston 9

Reinhart Steven 12

Reynolds Billy 11

Riggans Logan 21

Riggans Zevin 28

Riggenback Wyatt 8

Ristoff Landon 16

Ristoff Skyler 19

Robinson Aidan 27

Rogers Xavier 29

Rohr Dominic 14

Rose Ashton 19

Ryder Luke 26

Sandoval Ryan 1

Sattirfield Connor 30

Scarpino, Connor 19

Schaal Luke 2

Schaal Mike 20

Schaal Nick 21

Schindler Kyler 14

Schindler Karson 15

Shanks Xavier 8

Shelton Garrett 19

Shertzer Lucas 12

Shirley Landon 23

Shreiner Wesley 13

Shy Brock 9

Smith Spiros 14

Smith Caleb 31

Smyers Storm 3

Snyder Jake 10

Snyder Thomas 19

Soles Brody 16

Spittler Luke 12

Stark Caleb 33

Stephenson Nicholas 20

Studebaker Justin 15

Taylor Dominic 2

Thomas Bailey 28

Thomas, Aidan 20

Thornsbury Ehan 4

Urdiales Adolfo 22

Villers Chase 12

Voshel Seth 27

Walker Angelo 6

Walker Niall 27

Walters Peyton 22

Warwick Brennan 8

Webb Evan 11

Weirich Isaiah 26

Wenzel Jared 23

Weston Brad 26

Williams Thomas 21

Williams Preston 22

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All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname Pool

Wilson Shaun 22

Witte Wyatt 25

Wolfe Bradyn 5

Workinger Cody 25

Young Zach 34

Zentkovich Ryan 22


2013-2014 all star pool arrival times

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on November 28, 2013 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

All-Star Pool Arrival Times for 2013-2014




Pools 24-36 @ 1:30PM


Pools 16-23 @ 2:00PM


Pools 08-15 @ 2:30PM


Pools 01-07 @ 3:00PM









Text tree sign up info

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on October 24, 2013 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)



Parents please follow the steps below and text this number to sign up for text updates.


Enter this number (720) 606-6131

Text this message @1ec7e9

Jackson clinic and tourney information- Nov 9th & 10th 2013

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on October 24, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)


The Jackson Takedown Club is proud to present –



November 9 and 10 (this is a 2 page document)

Featuring Tommy Rowlands (Ohio State Univ.)

Coach Rowlands will be providing wrestling clinic on November 9 with the Bear Claw Tournament to be held on November 10.

Coach Rowlands credentials include:

- 2x NCAA Champions; 3x Finalist for our Buckeyes

- 4x NCAA All-American; 2x Big Ten Champion

- OSU record holder for most take downs, wins, and team points

- 2001 Big Ten Freshman of the Year

- University World Champion; Pan-Am Champion; 2x US Open Champion

- 6x U.S. National Team Member; 2x Olympic Alternate

Clinic Sessions will be held on Nov. 9 from 2-3:30pm and from 4-5:30pm. Clinic topics will be decided upon by Coach Rowlands!

You can take advantage of the Clinic and/or Tournament in a variety of ways:

a) Clinic Only Participant - $40 for both sessions

b) Tournament Only Participant $20– per tournament flyer (page 2)

c) The BEAR CLAW PACKAGE - $55. Each wrestler gets the clinic, a t-shirt, and entry into The Bear Claw Tournament (one Division, one weight class)

Please see the second page for Tournament details. 10 or more wrestlers from the same club may receive a club discount. Contact Jim Bostic or Drew Xeloures for details. Their contact information is on the Tournament Entry form.




Jackson Takedown Club presents:

PreK-8: Battle for the Claw Tournament

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Tourney Location: Jackson High School – 7600 Fulton Drive NW Massillon, OH 44646


We reserve the right to combine weights when necessary.

Weights: Div I (6 yrs. Old and under) - 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 85, HWT (100 lbs max)

Div II (7/8 yr olds) – 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 90, HWT (115 lbs max)

Div III (9/10 yr olds) – 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 110, 135, HWT (175 lbs max)

Div IV (11/12 yr olds) – 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 95, 105, 115, 122, 130, 150, 165, HWT (225 lbs max)

Div V (13/14 yr olds) – 80, 86, 92, 98, 104, 110, 116, 122, 128, 134, 145, 160, 180, HWT (250 lbs max)

Times: Weigh-ins and Registration: (2 day weigh-ins) WEIGH-INS ARE MANDATORY!!!

Saturday (9th) ALL Divisions from 6 to 8 pm

Sunday (10th) Div I, II, III, IV, V from 7:30 to 8:30 AM



Wrestling starts:

All Divisions will start at 10:00 am


Rules: Modified High School **Double Elimination** All periods will start on feet

Bout times for Div I, II, and III are two periods of 1 minute each

Bout times for Div IV and V are two periods of 1 1/2 minutes each


Fees: $20.00 per wrestler - $10.00 for second division or class -OR-

$55.00 Bear Claw Package including entry in one division and 2 session clinic with Tom Rowlands

Spectators: $5.00 for adults - $3.00 for seniors/students

Make checks payable to: Jackson Takedown Club (No FREE admissions)

Send Entry Form to Jim Bostic, 9416 Paulding St. NW, Massillon, OH 44646


For more details of this event call:

Jim Bostic 330-734-7099, Drew Xeloures 330-546-6768, Mike Poling 330-705-3599

Email Inquiries: james.bostic@summitacademies.org; jbos8@sssnet.com


Entry Form

Name: ___________________________________________________________  Tourney Only ($20)

Address: __________________________________________________________  Clinic Only ($40)

School/Club: ____________________________Birth Date: _________________  Package (both - $55)

Age: ________ Division: _____ Weight: ______

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________

My signature above gives my permission to participate and releases all sponsoring bodies, the officials, and referees from any and all legal claims or rights to damages for any injuries or losses suffered by any child listed above which are a result of this

UPDATE: Youth Wrestling Banquet- April 7th 2-4 pm

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on March 19, 2013 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Parents,

The 2013 youth wrestling banquet will be held on April 7th 2pm to 4pm at the Tuslaw Jr High cafeteria.  Please bring your wrestler's singlet to the banquet to turn in.  If you cannot attend the banquet please contact a coach or another parent and arrange to have your child's singlet turned in on your behalf. 


Thank you,

OYWA State tournament

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on February 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Tuslaw Youth Wrestling's 5 state qualifiers:

Brock Lance - 67 lbs (Placed 3rd at district tournament)

Andrew Wenzel - 73 lbs (Placed 2nd at district tournament)

Jamie Viront - 76 lbs (Placed 2nd at district tournament)

Brennan Shirley - 86 lbs (Placed 1st at district and 3rd at State Tournament)

Jake Loar - 120 lbs (Placed 3rd at district and 4th at State Tournament)


Tuslaw Youth Wrestling placed 13th as a team at the state tournament this year among a field of over 150 youth programs.

All-Star Pool Assignments

Posted by Tuslaw Youth Wrestling on January 23, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (1)

All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname AST Pool

Abrams Trenton 2A

Alessandro Roman 1C

Allen Mason 15C

Allen Mitchell 19B

Allison Donavan 21A

Allison Dalton 23A

Anderson Jace 23C

Anderson Hunter 3A

Anderson Benny 8A

Armstrong Isaac 10A

Baker John 5A

Baker Logan 9C

Barbieri Riley 4A

Barna Jacob 12A

Barrett David 2A

Barton Williams 22A

Basham Carson 7A

Bast Simon 19A

Beaver Ryan 10C

Beck Austin 21C

Bergum Jeremiah 21A

Berkenstock Max 4B

Black Carter 13A

Blair Tim 13A

Blemler Xander 5C

Bond Chase 20C

Brennan Parker 19C

Brown Logan 18C

Campbell Craig 1A

Castner Alex 25C

Ceccanese Anthony 5A

Cherry Jonathon 16C

Churchill Trent 31C

Collins Kalix 17A

Crockett Nate 12A

Davis Camron 12C

Davis Christopher 19B

Davis Chase 1A

Dean Coby 21C

Dean Curtis 2C

DeRoy Tyler 6C

Donahue Mason 21B

Dunlap Michael 10A

Duplain Chase 27A

Eberhardt Nathan 1A

Eberhardt Greg 28C

Els Ransom 1C

Els Rager 32C

Estrada Kolton 4B

Fair Cody 20A

Fetterman Tony 16A

Fields David 27C

Fitch Colton 8C

Fitgerald Arizona 23B

Page 1 of 4 1/22/2013

All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname AST Pool

Flowers Josiah 23B

Forshey Anthony 19C

Fox Aaron 16C

Frame Emmitt 12C

Fromino Jordan 16C

Gabbard Ben 4C

Garber Bradley 10C

Gonzalez Owen 3C

Greene Jacobi 22A

Grisez Gabe 27A

Grizer Colton 3A

Gruic Mason 7A

Guilliams Eric 28C

Hall Keith 25C

Hamrick Aydan 29C

Harte Myles 15C

Haynam Quinntin 13C

Haynam Brady 18C

Henry Alexander 25C

Hodge Brennan 18A

Hodges Joey 4A

Holley Elizabeth 10C

Holley Mathew 13B

Hollis Owen 21B

Holmes Nicholas 8A

Hoobler Caden 5C

Hudson Caden 4A

Huff Shawn 9A

Huffman Gavin 19A

Hull Braeden 11C

Hunt Aiden 3A

Hurley J.J. 26C

Huscusson Zachary 9C

Jakuszewski Blake 24A

Jones Jacob 20C

Jones Ethan 24C

Kazar Luke 13B

Kazar Logan 23B

Kelleher Austin 22C

Kelleher Alex 8A

Kester Reese 9A

King Brody 7B

Klinger Elijah 11C

Kneidel Nathan 5A

Knouse Sam 7B

Kungl Nicholas 12A

Lamp Braylon 9A

Lance Ty 16B

Lindsey Eric 14C

Logan Anthony 24C

Lutz Wally 9A

Maddux Hurley 10B

Mariani Dominic 17C

Markham Brennon 8C

Page 2 of 4 1/22/2013

All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname AST Pool

Martin Jayden 15A

Martin Jayden 31C

Mashburn Alexander 1B

Mastroine Gus 1B

Mazzagatti Mariano 15A

McBurney Austin 12C

Mccabe Lucas 4B

McCoy Anderson 2C

McGeorge Matthew 29C

McGhee Percy 4C

Mckenzie Jacob 29C

McKimie David 5A

Menegay Xane 1B

Mercurio Michael 30C

Milbrodt Kameron 16A

Miller Oliver 6C

Miller Dominic 7C

Milligan Hayden 17B

Mitchell Chris 17A

Mohr JR 15A

Mohr Seth 25C

Monnard Jaxon 18A

Moro Evan 31C

Morris Nathan 24C

Morris Mason 4C

Mounts James 22A

Mounts Jackson 5C

Nelson Dominic 14C

Newell Gabby 31C

Nickels Jordan 10A

Nickels Trenton 17B

Ochsenfeld Ben 17C

O'Neil Riley 13A

Orr Rueger 26C

Osborne Christian 6C

Owens AJ 8C

Page Ryan 10B

Pasloria Jesse 14A

Pedro Lucas 6A

Peeples Xander 24A

Phares Owen 3C

Phillips Clayton 22C

Phillips Luke 26C

Plotner Riley 30C

Pratt Gabe 20A

Pratt Daniel 28C

Price Gage 13B

Price Ryan 15C

Price Chase 32C

Ramsey Connor 22C

Rathbun Micah 2C

Reed Cooper 13C

Reed Shelby 18A

Reed Connor 7C

Page 3 of 4 1/22/2013

All-Star Pool Assignments

Lastname Firstname AST Pool

Reynolds Billy 6C

Riffle Jake 32C

Riggans Logan 12C

Riggans Zevin 21A

Ristoff Skyler 11C

Ristoff Landon 7C

Rohr Dominick 3C

Rose Ashton 10B

Russell Kaden 2C

Ryder Luke 17A

Sandefur Emma 19B

Satterfield Connor 20C

Schaal Nick 13C

Schaal Jack 19C

Schaal Mike 7A

Schaub Ty 2A

Schindler Karson 11C

Sharp Yadin 1C

Shy Brock 6A

Sidoti Jordan 7B

Smith Peyton 27A

Snodgrass Samuel 27C

Snyder Jake 5C

Speller Chase 9C

Sporup Jacob 21C

Stertz Evan 23A

Stertz Isaac 23C

Stripe Zachery 16B

Sziva Marco 21B

Takacs Ian 10A

Taylor DeAngelo 24A

Tolarchyk Izak 19A

Urdiales Adolfo 14A

Vance Mason 23B

Vanest Devyn 9C

Vincenzo Mariani Dominic 30C

Voshel Seth 20A

Walker Niall 12A

Walker Kyson 2A

Waller Jason 16A

Wantz Cody 29C

Weirich Isaiah 17B

Wengerd Peyton 10B

Wenzel Jared 15C

Whitehead Alex 4A

Williams Preston 16C

Williams Barton 23C

Wilson Shaun 14C

Wymer Isaac 17C

Zeisig Zach 23A

Zentkovich Ryan 18C

Zollars Cameron 8C

Page 4 of 4 1/22/2013